Why essential oils?



1. Replacing Harmful Toxic Products:
Air quality of air inside our homes is 5-7 times more toxic than outdoor air It takes 26 seconds for toxins you smell or apply to fully enter your bloodstream. (It takes just as fast for EOs to enter your blood stream and start doing damage control!)

2. EO’s repair your damaged cells!
They actually enter your bloodstream, find the receptor sites that have been damaged by harmful toxins or sickness and REPAIR them!

3. Taking Preventative Care:
Like the above point, EOs have properties that keep our bodies functioning the way they were made to function.

4. Emotional Support:
STRESS STRESS STRESS. I don’t need to tell you how horrible stress is for our whole entire wellbeing. From past to present to future emotional support, EOs help the body release unwanted tension.

5. They smell fan-fricken-tastic:
I’m currently diffusing Lime + Stress Away + Tangerine + Spearmint because IT SMELLS SO FREAKING GOOD!

6. Why Young Living? SEED TO SEAL
Young Living is the ONLY oils company in the world that has control over every step from planting to bottling. They are the only ones that can fully claim that their essential oils are pure.

OKAY now make sure you grab your kit by following these instructions!IMG_9745

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