This may sound crazy, but I think I’m seeing a difference since using EOs 

As I am getting more used to my Premium Starter Kit, I’m realizing that I have managed to find so many uses for them, and that there are already new healthy habits happening in my home. Whenever I get home the diffuser goes on and I oil up to decompress to do homework. Like clockwork. My body knows what it needs that day. Some days I’ll support it by applying RC to my chest, or Lavender to my temples, maybe even Thieves to my feet (I’m feeling cold season quickly approaching, and I’m not about to get sick!). Nonetheless, I am so blessed to have stumbled upon these guys when I did. I feel more confident at work, school, home, life, literally every aspect of my life. REALLY THOUGH!

No joke, yesterday I got my first flat tire ever and I LAUGHED IT OFF. Granted, Jesus is amazing and made the situation, sooo I was supported 100% of the time because He’s amazing. I had friends to comfort me, people to help me, and love all around. But I got home and I was still in disbelief that I kept my cool. I oiled up with lots of Lavender and just went on with my day. WHAT?! If that would have happened this time last year, I would have probably cried, called AAA, cried, then asked my dad to come help me because I was useless and missed class.

P.S. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a bit of a drama queen. Lol, yeah, I know, isn’t that OBVIOUS?! But also along with that comes almost incapacitating fits of fear and self doubt and loneliness and OVERTHINKING. NOW, get this, that hasn’t happened to me for a while now and honestly, I’d love to blame self growth, but I think a bit of it might honestly be the oils….. 

I was sceptic of the mental wellness side of these guys but man, they have kept my brain on some tippity top levels lately! And I’M SHARING BECAUSE I KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS!

Message me if you have ANY questions! There is no such thing as a bad question when you are trying to understand what amazing things these oils are capable of. I’m trying my best to keep you all updated on my wellness journey, so hopefully as midterms are quickly approaching, I won’t disappear off here! Love you all! xoxo💕

For more info on how to get started with EOs, please click here -> Oils

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