Fall, while as AMAZING as it is, can be a difficult season on your physical and emotional health. The days are shorter, it is getting cold in most parts of the country, and people all around you are spreading some yucky things around. 
During any season there are basics to keep you healthy. However, you may be doing everything “right” and still need a little extra support to get you through these autumn days. Whether diffusing, applying topically, or taking internally, essential oils can help you strengthen your physical wellness, improve your emotional balance, and fill your home with safe, purifying products.
Here’s some ideas!
Utilize the Power of Thieves:
– Diffuse Thieves essential oil blend day or night to help purify and humidify the air. I also have this in a roller bottle for easy topical use! 

– Clean household surfaces with Thieves Wipes or Thieves Household Cleaner.

-If you’re on the go, help sanitize the air with a squirt or two of Thieves Spray.

-Keep Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier in your car, at your desk, and in your purse or bag for a quick and easy cleaning.
Support the Body’s Natural Defenses:
– Citrus oils such as Citrus Fresh™, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Orange, and Tangerine help support the body’s natural defenses. Plus, the fresh, vibrant citrus scents can also help boost your mood during short winter days.

– Mountain Savory™ Oil revitalizes and stimulates the body and has strong purifying properties.

– Clove Oil is an important ingredient in Thieves and helps support the body’s natural functions!

– Also try the Oregano, Thyme, ImmuPower™, and Purification® oils! 
Support Respiratory Health:
– Young Living Respiratory Blends R.C.™,Thieves Cough Drops, Breathe Again™ Roll-On Oil, Peppermint Oil eases tension along with Myrtle and Pine, supports healthy respiratory function!
 Get a Good Night’s Sleep:
– Take a soothing bath before bed with some Epsom salts and Peace & Calming® or Dream Catcher™ to promote relaxation.

– Diffuse Lavender, Cedarwood, Harmony™, Valor®, Gentle Baby™, Trauma Life™, Stress Away™, or Angelica Oil to help bring a peaceful night’s slumber.
To get started with oils today! Check out the menu at the top of the page! 


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