Hello and welcome to Oils with Taylor!

I am newer to the oil game and have been dipping my toe in the water for about two years! I finally took the plunge this year and bought my Premium Starter Kit and haven’t looked back! I am 21 and a part time barista at a small business in my home town! I love coffee, the outdoors, rain, and dogs. Newest to the list is essentail oils, my collection has doubled in under a month and I HAVE NO SHAME ABOUT THAT! I am IN LOVE! But we will get to the why about that in a second!

The things that brought me to oils were a desire to work towards overall wellness in my life, and to build a healthy and sturdy foundation for the rest of my happy life to build upon! I downloaded the Think Dirty app (DOWNLOAD IT GUYS!! You won’t regret it! here’s their site! Download it here!)  and my life has been a whirlwind of tossing the cleaning detergents in my home, trying to find healthy alternatives, and scanning EVERYTHING! The beauty items I used to use on the daily were SO TOXIC it made me CRINGE at the ingredients! Needless to say, I threw all those away too! Here comes the Essential oil part!

I chose young living for many reasons but one of my favorite parts about the company is how they don’t only make the best essential oils around, but because they love me and they care for my family too! They have taken it upon themselves to create safe and clean products for me to substitute for the bad products! They have makeup lines, cleaning lines, supplement lines, shampoo and conditioner, body wash ALL OF IT! Super cool! But And if they didn’t have something that I need (which hasn’t happened yet) essential oils made it possible to make any products I wanted and KNOW what ingredients were in them! I LOVE THAT! Young Living doesn’t mess around, they don’t add anything you can’t say, or spell, but more importantly they don’t add ANY toxins or chemicals! YAY! It’s perfect! I just send in my Essential Rewards order each month, and I get shipped the stuff I would normally by at Target (along with $100+ of products I REALLY didn’t need, but let’s be real, it was probably pretty cute! So of course I had to buy it!) So technically I am saving money too! Win win…

So that’s kinda where I’m at… a 21 year old on a mission to find out the truth about the ingredients of the products and food that she puts in her body to improve her wellness for her future! If you wish to join me, you can sign up here!

Thanks for following me on my journey! I am so excited for what my future holds! Stay tuned for more info as I learn as I go! 🙂